Sur la guirlande de mon souffle ...

Juste pour le plaisir de (ré)écouter ce merveilleux morceau :

Pour une meilleur qualité audio, on peut allez sur deezer. Les paroles et leur traduction sont disponibles ici.

Et, pour mémoire, la version "de" Rajesh Roshan dans Koyla :

-les plus : Madhuri.
-les moins : tout le reste.

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Suja a dit…

Ah Nusrat! Was there ever anyone better ? I have been an adoring fan for nearly 30 years, and I shall remain so for the rest of my life. I love countless number of his qawwalis but this one is special for me (a Hindu qawwali). It goes to show how close the Sufi thought is to the Bhakti movement.
जब से राधा श्याम के नैन हुएं हैं चार, श्याम बनें हैं राधिका, राधा बन गयी श्याम says it all (you read Hindi script, don't you?). When Shyam (Krishna) and Radha's eyes met, Shyam became Radha and Radha became Shyam.

The poet says of her love who lives in a foreign land तन में मन में पिया बसें अब भेजूं किसे सन्देश (my love lives in my body, in my mind - whom shall I send a message to?) Expresses Bhakti thought perfectly!
And again - प्रेम की माला जपते जपते आप बनीं मैं श्याम . By repeating the rosary of my love, I myself became Shyam

Great video, thanks! BTW A little Rahat is getting really incomparable training, isn't he?

I wrote my own post on Nusrat's music some time back, have a read if you are so inclined :)
cheers, Suja

A2line a dit…

Hi Suja,

Wait, the little child is Rahat ?! I knew he is Nusrat's nephew, but I had no idea he was singing with him at such a young age !

You really do love Nusrat ! I have never dreamed of him, even after days spent listening to his music. It's a wonderful story.

I have grown up listening to Nusrat. This song in particular was quite popular in France when I was a child : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ajqwy3AOmJQ

Another favourite of mine is Ek Din Mahi De Ghar :

I love that line you quoted :

प्रेम की माला जपते जपते आप बनीं मैं श्याम

I like this thought.

and finally, जी हां, मैं देवनागरी लिपि पढ़ सकती हूं ;-)

Cheers, Adeline